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The future depends onwhat you do in the present
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Group Therapy

  Join us for group counseling! Many Fall 2018 groups and workshops now forming! 

We have several ongoing process and support groups that you are welcome to join. Please contact us at 610-664-2524 if you are interested, and a clinical staff member will complete a brief phone consult to see if we are a good fit for you. All therapy groups cost $50 per session and may be covered by insurance. Workshop costs vary per offering and typically are not covered by insurance.

Embodied Healing: A Trauma-informed Yoga and Group Therapy Series

with Mary Fair, MSW, LCSW, RYT

This is a unique six-week series exploring the practice of yoga as a powerful complement to talk therapy. It incorporates gentle, all levels yoga to deepen mind-body connection as a resource for healing. Participants will also share insight and create connection in a space dedicated to safety, support, and growth and learn practical skills to maintain wellness.

Parent Workshop
Parents, step parents, caretakers
Parents will learn effective communication strategies.  Join other parents to connect with others who may be having a similar experience. All are welcome.
Duration of group:  4 sessions.

Womens' 18+ DMT/Yoga/ Self-expression group (minimum 4).
This group focuses on stress management and self-expression through creative means of dance/yoga, guided meditation and art making.

Kids' 11-14 DMT group: Now forming (minimum 5)
This group focuses on the topics anti-bulling, anger management, anxiety, and healthy expression of emotions through creative self expression experiences. 

Recovery Group

This is a process group for individuals working in recovery. The group will continue to learn and build coping skills through a variety of evidence-based and holistic practices. Topics may include: overcoming barriers to sobriety, using guided imagery, coping with cravings, addiction and the brain, re-building trust, creating a new sober you, mindfulness in daily life

Mindful Moms
This is a process group to help moms be more present in the here and now. Topics may include: breath awareness, letting go of unrealistic expectations, values clarification, tips and techniques to calm yourself, self care and tuning into your needs while not giving up your own sanity. 

Social Anxiety Support Group (with minimum 4)
Feeling awkward? Not sure where you fit in? If you live with fear of being in social settings, or speaking/ eating in public, this is the group for you! Come face your worries, fears, and thoughts in a supportive environment where you can get evidenced-based feedback to change the thoughts that keep you from living your fullest life. We will discuss how to find your place in the world and improve interactions with others while feeling good about yourself! 

Families of Addicted Individuals Support Group: Now forming (min. 4)            
(For partners, peers, parents, anyone affected by someone else's use.)

This group meets to process emotions and feelings about another’s substance abuse or dependence. We will discuss: the latest evidenced-based treatment and neurobiological basis of addiction, codependency, enabling, family roles, patterns of behavior, how to create and maintain healthy boundaries, how to be supportive of persons in recovery without enabling, how to care for your SELF! 

Mindful Eating Group:  Thursdays, 12:00 – 1:00p.m - Center City location
Take the first step toward changing your diet and your life! Call Rachel today at 267-908-4908. Join this lunch time processing group, bring your lunch for a richer experience. Change your relationships with food by: Noticing and Changing unhelpful thoughts, Understanding how certain foods impact your mood, and Learning to Eat Mindfully, increasing the joy of eating and decreasing overeating. 

Young Adult Life Transition Group
This is a process group for young adults ages 17-24 who are dealing with concerns related to adjusting to independent adult life. This will be both a therapeutic and educational group where topics may include: career choices, education, goal achievement, financial management, healthy relationships, dealing with emotions, proper self care, substance use, sexual identity, spirituality, mental health etc.  Members will also use group time to express current struggles with life areas and emotions, to receive support from peers and to enable each other to use problem solving skills to move confidently towards independence.

Meditation Recovery Group
This group offers a safe space to learn & practice mindfulness meditation.  At the beginning of each group a Just for Today & other inspirational daily meditations will be shared as the focus of that day's meditation.  Our trained therapist will offer guidance to help your meditative practice grow in fullness.  Space is limited please register before coming. We look forward to sharing this moment with you.