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Group Therapy

  Join us for group counseling! Many groups and workshops now forming! 

We have several ongoing process and support groups that you are welcome to join.  If you are interested contact the clinician offering the group or workshop directly.  From their you will register as a new client, with their assistance.  All therapy groups cost $50 per session and may be covered by insurance. Workshop costs vary per offering and typically are not covered by insurance.


Wellness Fertility Group: Tuesdays 8pm Haverford location

C:\Users\boma00\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\GW7NOO2J\Fotolia_6837317_S-1[1].jpgGroup will run weekly for six-weeks, starting September 10, 2019. The Wellness Fertility Group offers a Mind/Body approach to support women through the fertility journey. The group will be a supportive environment where emotions about fertility treatment, wherever that woman is in the process, can be explored and supported. The group provides an opportunity to learn skills to reduce anxiety and isolation in order to better cope with the mental, physical, and emotional impact of the fertility treatment process. This six-week program offers personalized care in a relaxed setting promoting relaxation, mindfulness, emotional support, behavioral wellness, and stress management skills during the fertility journey. Intake is required, space is limited.


Therapist: Autumn Miller, NCC, LPC

Interested: Please register here and email [email protected]


Families of Addiction Group: Paoli location


Hands holding each otherFor loved ones who are struggling with an addict/alcoholic in the family. Dealing with an addict or alcoholic in the family can be frustrating, frightening and confusing.  Everything we try to do to help does not seem to work.

This group will help us take a look at the process of addiction/recovery and how it affects everyone in relationship with the addict or alcoholic.  We will learn skills to help us better deal with this challenging situation.

This group will be facilitated by Deborah Voluck, M.Ed, MFT, LPC who has over 28 years of experience helping individuals, couples, families and groups deal with addiction, recovery and co-dependency.

To learn more please contact Deborah at [email protected]. Register here



Mindful Eating Group:  Thursdays, 12:30 – 1:30p.m - Center City location

Hand holding plantWith Rachel Chandler, MSW, LCSW

The group is a six week group that focuses on mindfulness CBT, ACT skills to help you explore your history with food and body.  Noticing unhelpful behaviors, thoughts and narratives and replace them with more helpful coping strategies in line with their personal food values.  

Take the first step toward changing your diet and your life! This group runs in 6 week cycles.  To learn more email Rachel at [email protected]  Register here